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Matt Starr, Sideline Power CEO…

For nearly a decade, Sideline Power has focused on providing coaches a way to get their programs #PoweredUP to the next level. Pushing the boundaries of technology in the coaching arsenal through the introduction of innovative and cutting-edge products, Sideline Power proves time and again that we are #1 in Coaching Communication. At Sideline Power, we understand that effective communication extends beyond the interactions between coaches and players. To become an elite program, you have to learn how an elite program operates. That is exactly why Sideline Power started the #PoweredUP Coaches Clinic. The #PoweredUP Coaches Clinic is a chance for coaches from different regions to learn about best practices of championship caliber programs, exchange ideologies and strategies, and learn how other programs incorporate technology.

At Sideline Power, we appreciate the thousands of coaches and programs across the United States, including hundreds of championship caliber programs, that turn to us for resources and technology. Through the #PoweredUP Clinics, we continue to focus on helping coaches win by providing an environment where coaches can network, learn, strategize, and grow.

Join Sideline Power for the 2020 #PoweredUp Coaches Clinic, to get the strategies and technology that help get your program #PoweredUP.


Matt Starr
Sideline Power CEO

Brett Davis, PoweredUp Clinic Director…

2019 proved to be a landmark year for Sideline Power.  We not only expanded our product line, but also our outreach programs by hosting our first Powered Up Clinic in Omaha.  Despite the blizzard that rolled through, the event proved to be a great success with coaches from eight Midwestern states attending the two-day event.  Sideline Power strives to keep coaches at the forefront of everything we do and that includes conducting our clinics. The feedback we gathered has helped us tweak the format to make the 2020 clinic season an even better one.

In addition to the Omaha clinic, we also are branching out to Arkansas and will be hosting our first clinic in Rogers on March 20-21st.  Our clinics will feature outstanding local and regional coaches speaking on a variety of relevant topics. There will also be excellent opportunities to network with other coaches and get hands-on demonstrations with some of the newest technology in the game.

We look forward to seeing you in Omaha and Rogers!


Brett Davis
#PoweredUp Clinic Director